yes. i’m in the process of moving. not moving my apartment, but actually this blog. I’m facing some issues with the amount of media storage on wordpress (yes, I know you can pay for storage, but I don’t want to). So, I’m saying goodbye to wordpress and moving onto another one. However, I would definitely redirect this blog to the new one because I’ve simply written too many good posts on this blog and its now a part of my exchange memory. so while I’m trying my hardest to squeeze in time to sit down in HK and actually format my new blog….you on the other side of the world, sit back, relax, go get some sunshine in this beautiful summer (& winter for you aussies out there) and wooventures will be back soon…revamped, and with a new url.

lots of love! xxx



It was like a dream. A five month long dream that I wish never ended. But good things do come to an end. I have met such amazing people there and some lifelong friends who have impacted and inspired my life. The beauty of being on exchange is to be able to submerge yourself into a completely different culture and learn a new way of life. I have learnt some much in the area of design, in communications, but most importantly, I have learnt more about myself and what I want in my life. And these five months definitely flew by, especially the last few weeks of the exchange, with assessments and deadlines, farewell parties, cleaning and packing up. And now? I’m back in Hong Kong, spending some time with my family back home before heading back to vancouver in early august. To be honest, I dont really know how to describe my current emotions. In a way, I’m really excited to be back with my family, back to somewhere familiar. Yet, I’m also a little sad about the fact that the group of exchange kids are all back home, all of us gone our separate ways. It’s definitely a mixed pot of emotions that I, myself, dont even comprehend. The only thing that I can say to myself is to be grateful and happy that it happened, and that I didn’t let go of this opportunity to study abroad in Europe, especially in the Netherlands. I dont know when, where, or how. But I know down the road, I will be back, whether for a trip or to settle down…either way I will see the european skies again (hopefully not the rain in Rotterdam haha).

The last few days in Europe, I went on a 264 hours (11 days) euro trip to London, Rome, Florence, Venice, and Paris….just gotta edit some of those pictures and then I’ll update about that trip, but until then……..doei!

Lots of love from the 852 timezone! xxx



02/03/12:: Arrived in Rotterdam, knowing nobody, anything. And now…having done my last “final” class at WDKA, it just hit me that i’ll be leaving in less than a month…and all the things that I have taken time to get used to will soon be something in the past. Riding my fiets everywhere, travelling around europe, trying out new things…its all going to end. The fact that I have to go back to my old routine of life is a little daunting, and I have asked myself many times why I feel that way, and I think the reason is because of the word “routine”. Rotterdam to me was never a routine. In this experience, there were too many special moments and spontaneity. It’s just sad to leave so soon, I wish I had more time in this little vacation of mine. I guess there is an expiry date on everything. On a brighter note, these were pictures from last weekend as my friends, Warren, Artem, and Lan came over to visit. We also headed to Amsterdam for a day since Warren and Artem has never been there before. It was a really lovely weekend, and it was so nice to see people from home. We just strolled around and went to see some of the Amsterdam hotspots, the “I AMSTERDAM” sign, the condom store, the red light district….to name a few, haha! And what’s next? Finish some of my assignments for final assessments next week, and then heading over to Basel, Switzerland on Friday to meet our beloved Laurent! I’m super excited, but sad at the same time because this means that today is the last Rotterdam Sunday for me…BUT get ready Basel, I’m coming over!!

Everything happens for a reason and that is to make you into a better person. As cheesy as it gets, be happy (like the guy above) because it happened.
Lots and lots and lots of love, xxx


Last night was our friend, Laurent’s last night in Rotterdam. I know, its depressing. Despite all the glummed chums, I’ll get to see him again, becauseee I’ll be visiting him in about 2 weeks in Basel! So technically, its not our last goodbye yet..yet. Anyways, just wanted to post some pictures from last night at BAR bar (yeah, the bar is called BAR).

To Laurent:
One word to describe you: amazing.
As a human being, as a duck lover, as a DJ, as a friend. 🙂
Thank-you for being part of my exchange experience. 🙂

We love you lots and lots. and lots.
Maybe one more word: pony. 🙂
have a safe trip home! xx


Darn, I wish the weather would stay this beautiful forever minus the mosquitoes and the warm sticky air……the past weekend was wonderful, filled with lots of sunshine and chill time. Despite the weather being incredibly hot, it was still great to be able to head over to Den Haag’s “Scheveningen Beach” on Saturday to just chill and lay on the beach and enjoy some Netherland sand haha! Not to mention our wonderful hottay partay barbeque, with lots of food and laughs. Oh, time is just flying by, and I dont even have the time to comprehend everything I’m doing. Some of my friends are already leaving soon (tomorrow), and I guess it’s hitting me that this experience is coming to an end…have to pack up everything soon….i just wish we could have been with each other just for a little longer…….and i keep telling myself that this is not the end, i will be back- europe! emily woo will be back in europe again, someday, to visit all of you guys. However, I’m not saying goodbye for another 2 weeks, so until then, lets enjoy the most as I can, and oh right, I guess i have to finish my assignments too. Oops, that kind of slipped. Assignments are really a pain, especially in this lovely weather. Hopefully on your side of the world, the sun is also shining, the wind blowing, birds chirping (minus pigeons+crows+seagulls+oh-who-am-i-kidding,i-hate-birds-haha) annnnnddddd assignments-less! Enjoy your days! Cheers!


Found this video through a friend’s facebook, and it is relating to my current design project. Maybe I’ll give an update later on my design project once it is completed. Give it a listen, TED talks are always interesting 😉


ANDDD another weekend passed by. Can’t believe its already the last week of May, and I only have two more weeks of school left! STOKED may i say. Anyways, wanted to blog about this interesting performance I went to just last night. “TERRA NOVA”, part of the DEAF (Dutch Electronic Arts Festival) in Rotterdam, it is an interactive performance piece where people’s senses are challenged and stimulated. Sounds vague right? I was definitely confused too because the first part, a monologue (part of the story) was in Dutch, therefore I couldn’t get the whole sense of the story, the only thing I knew were the english words (Antartica…penguins…I guess I got the gist of it haha) However, it was definitely still a worthwhile experience that I would recommend to people. For people who don’t have the opportunity to see it/experience it in reality, definitely check out the video that they made for the performance.


As for the rest of Rotterdam, the weather is getting alot better, low 20s, sunny, with a bit of wind. I’m not complaining, just hopefully it will stay like this for the rest of my time in R’dam. Anyways, enjoy the video, and pictures will follow up soon!



It was suchh a wonderful weekend, with lots of friends, food, and joy! Here are some pictures to summarize my eventful weekend. Friday night, we decided to try out a neighborhood Italian restaurant. This restaurant was on our ride to school and we always biked pass it and have always wanted to go and give it a try. As I thought that we don’t really have a lot of weekends to wait, I suggested to try it out! To end the night, we went to a guerilla film screening. Although the weather was a little chilly, it was still really nice to play some bingo, eat some fruits, and watch some avant-garde films. Then on Sunday, it was one of our lovely friend, Sol’s birthday, and she was so kind to cook all of us a feast of Korean food, and I can definitely tell you that it was really nice to have some authentic asian food, haha! And just last night, we had an amazing authentic Swiss fondue, which means there was a lots of cheese and bread! As the exchange trip is coming to an end, I’m really going to miss this bunch of lovely people, and the opportunity to always meet new people. I have never thought that I would be having this feeling, but theres simply not enough time to spend with everyone here AND go travel as well. As some of you know, I went to Luxembourg, Antwerp, and Belgium during my week of holidays, but a couple of my friends and I are planning to head to Antwerp again since its so close to Rotterdam. In addition, I am currently planning to go to basel, and barcelona for a week…not for sure yet. But I have a feeling that this month is going to go by so quickly with all the events and gatherings, which I’m super super super super excited about. That’s it for now! Hope all of you are enjoying life as it is wherever you are! Cheers! xxx






Can’t believe its already May, and I only have a few more weeks left in Europe. A month ago, I was still pretty homesick, probably because of the stress that came with the due dates at school. But now I’m starting to get used to this lifestyle and culture that I’m afraid I’m going to miss it when I’m back home. What can I do though? I guess the best thing is to enjoy the rest of my time here with my lovely exchange and dutch friends, and travel as much as possible. One place I really have to go is to the tulip fields near Amsterdam, uh hello? I’m in Holland, its like a must visit attraction. Weather in Rotterdam right now is kinda temperamental. In the morning it can be like pouring rain, but in the afternoon, it gives us the hint of summer with the sun beaming over our shoulders as we bike around town. Yet at night, it would turn back to as chilly as the winter times. Oh Rotterdam, we do have a love-hate relationship at the moment; your weather is definitely not the most charming trait of yours. However, you did bring some pretty good memories for me. Anyhow, these photos are just taken on random occasions that best reflect the nice days. And hey! wherever you are, take the time and explore where you live, go to a nearby restaurant you’ve never tried before, or walk around that park near your house, who knows, surprises may be hidden in those little changes and actions. Cheers! xxx


Last weekend (April 29-30) was Queens Day and Night in the Netherlands, also known as Konninenedag. People dress in all types of crazy outfits, in addition to shades of different oranges and stroll on the streets with beer in one hand and the patriotic things with the other. My friends and I decided to venture off to Amsterdam as we heard about how busy Amsterdam would become on national holidays. Not to our surprise, it was flooded with orange people. It was a really nice experience to see how people would gather and celebrate this event together. To sum up our little adventure: orange, tourists, flea markets, boats, and laying in the grass. Talking about boats, there were some pretty crazy boats going around the canals, alot of them were filled with older crowds pumping loud TOP40 music and partied like high school kids, it was quite funny haha, but nonetheless, it was definitely an interesting sight. Enjoy some of the photos I have taken! xx